20 December 2011

yahoo vs msn

Basically for all corporations who live at the expense of a pact with the bad, there is also another at the expense of well, until today 19/12 I believe that the bad page I am referring is Yahoo, which in my view is super low, and that is snooping around my account trying to find what you know, you will order findin ... to prevent something that I can talk that will displease the leaders of this low page of the network, but to all bad hav cure and the cure of Yahoo is hotmail, that with the spontaneous indivisible and impartial view exposes facts current super with great serenity is actually a page that deserves my attention, because they haven't figured any kind of wickedness or malice or any intention to manipulate users as does the Yahoo international, that organization low. XD fuck the yahoo, hotmail is better. Hopefully the BG get Yahoo, he wll puts Yahoo in Rails, and free the world of his demons. (the attempt was good Yahoo, but did not convince me).

12 December 2011

pay attention to the dialogue and images.

31 October 2011


    the same drawing for different generations.


the same drawing for different generations, this shows that daydreaming is good but it can have pathological problems.

to see subliminal messages gt to be intelligent but to avoid them have to be strong.

Now everyone thinks prospector secret information on the network, but is not everything it seems, I posted some information on on the network of mega-productions that were not noticeably welcome, there are several othersubliminal messages in the world but I do not venture to comment while not find itconducive, people misjudged these productions and judge by appearance, one of them is credited to the long Disney (who Framed Roger Rabbit?) at the time it was recorded was part of the Warner family and non family Disney just is not right to blame Disney for the work of Warner while Disney has the rights of participation andlong.

misunderstanding is contaminant.

many people believe that putting on productions subliminal message is to put some order in the background, like (eat), but nothing like thatsubliminal messages appearwhere least expected, if everyone can see the hidden message, then it is moresubliminal but on or preliminary injunction, if someone like me realize that there arehidden messages in some production promoter morale will drop, and consequently the attention.

I understand that many of the jokers tvexecute super productions that cost millionsbut the quality of human resources are dwindling, then the directors put messagesthat encourage consumption of television, as if it were the fault of the people that the quality of productions not convince more it seems to me, anyone can be the star of a movie in the world.

what is more easilyproduce qualityor have people consume a bad productif theirseries were good you would not need to put subliminal messages to people watch, if not watch is not for lack of subliminalbut ratherbecause of poor quality.

the media tells people to do bad things knowing that people will be bad, can lose their family, jobs, friends, and life, if something like this happenthe media will be the first affected as live viewers, 
 that is people gathered in love.

espectatividade down with the media sends a torrent of controversial ordered the people to do things that alienate them from home and money(wtf?)

wtf disney XD?

why disney wants to see me gay?

homosexuality is not self sustainableif Disney says bad things tell me to being gay, then being gay is wrong?

course, is not prohibited to put these colors in their products, some very good companies have the same color, and not really want to make your head, but see the insistence on wanting to reconcile the image of good to bad.

it is to encourage the rebellion.

 In The Sword in the Stone you are transported to the life and skin Arthur (you) that in medieval times suffered injustices of his own master (Godwhich in turn did everything for everyone and especially for bulliesbut by good and humble and justdid nothing cried at last Arthur was much happier when they disobeyed (God) andwas free to be bold.
This story was very well written and speaks some truths about people, but the intent of this production does not help the people to meet, but to disobey God, for if thesewords are said to God that person will be unprotected from God then nothing can help watch it and follow these false teachings of Disney.

                       Some coincidences of the peculiar productions of Disney fit well under listed here,one of Disney's most promising bet is the revolt, with mega productions channeledanger, but just putting in words of truth a lie and lying using a truth that nobody reallyhas the right to tell anyone what they should do this, but this does not apply to God.These pictures teach rebellion against God.
I wonder why Disney did not talk so much that Jesus was the messiah if she says thatJesus did not exist.

God is almost always the evil character, but the central character is almost always you

26 May 2011

truths about the bout.

the end of 2008 the world received with open arms, the animation of Disney thatappeared to be the best of the Disney animation, has always received attention andcritical acclaim of all the world, course it is necessary that the productions are pleasantto the eyes , and the maximum people must spend 96 minites in front of a televisionwatching something that is not meant to entertain, but get what is even more preciousthan money, people.
in this animation that follows the same concept of toy story, convincing you that yourcontribution is only a placebo for really the success of their plans do not depend on you and yes the (staff), encouraging the citizen leave everything like this and that not must strive (lie).
the message of this animation is: your life is a lie, why try, if not depend on you?
but do not be fooled every person is important and today it is increasingly important tofight the bad with the good because the days are evil.

31 March 2011

drawings that approach the devil

caution, these drawings imply that the devil is dumband is not as bad as they say in the world, and that's a lie
beauty n the beast
monsters inc
phineas n pherb

lilo n stitch

and other

28 March 2011

your self

why some companies want to change the world for the worse by inventing lies?

saying that the the world will end in 2012 ?
Who benefits from this?

the Bible says http://carm.org/kjv/Matt/matt_24.htm

Matthew 24

the world will not end in 2012 and nobody knows the day nor Jesus, but only God.

4 March 2011

what to pack for disney?

genital shield

Extra underwear

a lawyer

and no children, because Disney has a history of pedophilia in the park

do you think disney manipulates the information?

 so shut up, because Disney also employs religious.
but how religious are the Jona Brothers?
after to forge a new strategy by pretending that a company is not a Mason, a disney back to attack religion, the question is: who gets how much and those who plan suchattacks in the world? why disney not encourage women to marry virgins?

9 February 2011

matthew 4:8,11.

the video of this material was a piece of toy story 2 that was deleted for telling the truth.

Again the devil taketh him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms ofthe world and their splendor.
And he said unto him, All this I will give it, down and worship me.
Then said Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan, for it is written: worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.
Then the devil left him and, behold, angels came and ministered

28 January 2011

there are no actors.

After using Lindsay to influence young people in a bad way with movies that imply thatbut actions lead to good results, having sucked all sorts of material of value to Lindsaylohan Disney dismissed their productions, but which are now investing in new badexamples.

Miley cyrus is the biggest name of those bad examples, hanna for ever rides in Disneydampens future misdeeds of miley making a registry "bad" spread everything mileydoes wrong, knowing what she will do in future 'influence young people' and to contrastalleged puts good people to work in its clumsy productions cynical

               The question is: Who will be the next bad example of Disney?