31 October 2011

it is to encourage the rebellion.

 In The Sword in the Stone you are transported to the life and skin Arthur (you) that in medieval times suffered injustices of his own master (Godwhich in turn did everything for everyone and especially for bulliesbut by good and humble and justdid nothing cried at last Arthur was much happier when they disobeyed (God) andwas free to be bold.
This story was very well written and speaks some truths about people, but the intent of this production does not help the people to meet, but to disobey God, for if thesewords are said to God that person will be unprotected from God then nothing can help watch it and follow these false teachings of Disney.

                       Some coincidences of the peculiar productions of Disney fit well under listed here,one of Disney's most promising bet is the revolt, with mega productions channeledanger, but just putting in words of truth a lie and lying using a truth that nobody reallyhas the right to tell anyone what they should do this, but this does not apply to God.These pictures teach rebellion against God.
I wonder why Disney did not talk so much that Jesus was the messiah if she says thatJesus did not exist.

God is almost always the evil character, but the central character is almost always you

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