28 December 2010

underlining 2

High scool music compared to other cartoons do not seek to corrupt the citizen orundo what is already unstable, but this film is useful for anyone who believes that Jesusis the Messiah.
Before simplifying the real message of this movie that the reader needs to understandits role in this film, knowing that Disney has a target audience and the target is thepublic who believes and trusts in God regardless of religion, making the viewer is putin the role of Troy That without the "r" turns toy, then presents the father of Troy whoplays the role of God, or the super coach who encourages his son and says let's go for broke filhão boot without training you will never be the best , shall strive to train, that its Maximo.Troy expresses everything that all who believe and trust in God feel but not explain, firstof all in this film puts the Disney fly in the role of Troy and then manipulate her head,and when it happens is crucial on the basketball court when troy grows the tone with hisfather and this is bewildered, it happens in everyday life as it relates to people and notto God as if those words were played against God he will let you leave home and livethe prodigal son, not bad watching these drawings is the bad influence he will leave ifyou've said that to repent because God looking Nemo implies that God should leaveby the end of the earth looking for their little ones, this thing will not happen, and you should return home and freely will, and it depends on you, the good son is not what itdoes not leave home but what about.

27 December 2010


I was watching the Disney Channel when it struck me that the rumors may be true,maybe people today do not believe me but the fact is that the images are there andthat is undeniable, so why are there if they are nothingI realize many of these messages super discreet but present and now I do disclosebecause I feel this responsibility to observe and understand my side, the fact is thatDisney has put things in his drawings that has been bothering me for example: ToyStory is an animated film in computer animation produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures on November 22, 1995Not really talking about animated toys, this drawing speaks of Jesus and the coming ofthe messiah: understand: Andy actually makes the role of God where the room has aconveniently wallpaper sky, the scene where Andy playing with his toys in truth is a way to express God "playing" Fezer of the future, knowing that God is one who knows thefuture, so that he is God, and so he can change all situations for glory him selfsoon after the Wood appears on the back of Andy, because it was not in the Old Testament the Holy Spirit and Satan was acting as the sheriff of the world, which leads to the second character in the movie The Wood who played Satan, and obviouslymakes the role of Buzz Jesus, what makes a man from space or sky, talking crazyabout their home planet in the sky earlier this cartoon ensinuante Wood sings a song.

I was on top of the world
it was right in my pocket
I was living the life
things were just the way they should be
When from out of the sky like a bomb comes some little punk in a rocket
now all of a sudden some strange things are happening to me

I had friends,
I had lots of friends
Now all my friends are gone
And I'm doing the best I can to carry on

I had power (power)
I was respected (respect)
But not any more
And I've lost the love to the one whom I adored

Let me tell you about the strange things are happening to me Strange things
Strange things are happening to me... Ain't no doubt about it

You got someone you think you know well It turns out a stranger
The minute you turn your back You're in it all by yourself

They laugh at your jokes,
You think you're doing well
But you're in danger, boy
You end up alone, forgotten, way up on the shelf

Strange things are happening to me
Strange things Strange things are happening to me
Ain't no doubt about it

Strange things are happening to me Strange things Strange things
This design seeks to convince the viewer that Jesus is not the messiah because he is human. care. this is manipulation and it was true they would not need to say itmore information soon.