31 October 2011

misunderstanding is contaminant.

many people believe that putting on productions subliminal message is to put some order in the background, like (eat), but nothing like thatsubliminal messages appearwhere least expected, if everyone can see the hidden message, then it is moresubliminal but on or preliminary injunction, if someone like me realize that there arehidden messages in some production promoter morale will drop, and consequently the attention.

I understand that many of the jokers tvexecute super productions that cost millionsbut the quality of human resources are dwindling, then the directors put messagesthat encourage consumption of television, as if it were the fault of the people that the quality of productions not convince more it seems to me, anyone can be the star of a movie in the world.

what is more easilyproduce qualityor have people consume a bad productif theirseries were good you would not need to put subliminal messages to people watch, if not watch is not for lack of subliminalbut ratherbecause of poor quality.

the media tells people to do bad things knowing that people will be bad, can lose their family, jobs, friends, and life, if something like this happenthe media will be the first affected as live viewers, 
 that is people gathered in love.

espectatividade down with the media sends a torrent of controversial ordered the people to do things that alienate them from home and money(wtf?)

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