20 December 2011

yahoo vs msn

Basically for all corporations who live at the expense of a pact with the bad, there is also another at the expense of well, until today 19/12 I believe that the bad page I am referring is Yahoo, which in my view is super low, and that is snooping around my account trying to find what you know, you will order findin ... to prevent something that I can talk that will displease the leaders of this low page of the network, but to all bad hav cure and the cure of Yahoo is hotmail, that with the spontaneous indivisible and impartial view exposes facts current super with great serenity is actually a page that deserves my attention, because they haven't figured any kind of wickedness or malice or any intention to manipulate users as does the Yahoo international, that organization low. XD fuck the yahoo, hotmail is better. Hopefully the BG get Yahoo, he wll puts Yahoo in Rails, and free the world of his demons. (the attempt was good Yahoo, but did not convince me).

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