5 January 2012

f*ck you very very much.

Open your eyes, because the cn is deceiving us
1: the cn is competition of Disney, to put it makes any issue to be greater than the Disney (and others). 
2: The cn wrest all our favourite drawings, by reinventing pica pau, tom & Jerry, scooby doo, looney toones ,and other, the cn has maintained the images but has changed the content of the dialogues and even swearing in draw that where until today i had not found evil.
The cn did the woodpecker a great lazy and laziness brings to bad i am not speaking of depression, or fatigue i am speaking of laziness that is terrible, tom & Jerry turned in the hands of the cn a mouse nagging that lives the bother the cat that he only wants peace as well other than that cat and mouse that only wanted to do the work of them, scooby doo and even worse, see it for yourself and draw their own conclusions the characters always give bad examples and worst council that may, the Daphne never can give a Council for Velma that really is a good thing, but they are always the advice more offensive potential, this is when Daphne is not trying to seduce Fred, finally, the worst thing of all is the cn thinking that can deceive people when, while the cn is concerned to attack does not see that their own defenses are completely open.  I hav not found any serious failure in the older drawings. I am not a freelancer, i have a commitment to truth.
3: where cn does so much money? Sales Ben 10 T-shirts?

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